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Over 30 years of championship winning success with OMS Racing Cars                                           

Trevor Willis wins 2018 Avon Tyres/TTC Group' MSA British Hillclimb Championship

Trevor Willis OMS 28 V8

2017 MSA British Hillclimb Champion

2012 MSA British Hillclimb Champion

Winner of 77 British Hillclimb Championship Rounds
2005 MSA Hillclimb Leaders Champion
FIA Hillclimb Masters 2014 Bronze Medal - 2016 Silver Medal - 2018 Bronze Medal

Rob Dwane wins 2018 Naylor Engineering Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship

Rob Dwane OMS 25 1300t

Chris Houston wins 2017 ANICC Millers Oils Northern Ireland Hill Climb Championship

Chris Houston OMS CF08 1400cc

2016 ANICC Millers Oils Northern Ireland Hillclimb Champion  

Malcolm Oastler wins 2016 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Championship

Malcolm Oastler OMS 28 1300t

2014 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Champion
2015 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Champion
2015 CAMS New South Wales Hillclimb Champion


Pat Roche OMS 2000m 1300cc 2004 Irish Hillclimb Champion

John Munro OMS 2000M 1000cc 2014 Scottish Sprint Championship Top Ten Champion

Ed Hollier OMS SC1 1600cc 2007 MSA Hillclimb Leaders Champion

Mark Lawrence OMS CF 1100cc 1999 MSA Hillclimb Leaders Champion  

Rob Stevens OMS SC1 1300cc 1995 Midland Hill Climb Champion     

 Paul Shipp OMS PR 1100cc 1999 Monoposto Racing Club 1200F Champion