Supercharged Performance

Andy Mc Beath has won the up to 2000cc single seater class in the Leaders Hillclimb Championship meeting at Gurston Down today. This is Andy's first class win in his new supercharged OMS 25.

He experienced a plenum failure on his SBD supercharged 1300cc Hayabusa engine at Loton Park last weekend. Steve Broughton of SBD Motorsport replaced the plenum during the week and Trevor Willis assisted with fitting  the new plenum in the paddock on Friday afternoon.

Following a couple of settling in practice runs on Saturday to ensure the replacement plenum was OK, Andy improved his times on each run, winning the class on a time of 29.94 seconds with a top speed of 122mph at the finish. No other competitors in the class broke the 30 second barrier.

Date: 29/05/2011 | Author: L.Owen