Flaming June at Shelsley Walsh

What promised to be a classic Shelsley weekend turned into a weather influenced weekend. Heavy overnight rain continued through the morning leaving a wet track for early runners.  Further rain fell during the afternoon influencing class positions and both of the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship Top Twelve run offs.

The up to 1100cc racing car class was closely fought, with Olivia Cooper in her OMS 1100CF just failing to finish in the points, unlike last weekend at Gurston Down.

Lee Griffiths took his first Leaders Hillclimb Championship class points finishing 5th in class from a field of 21 cars. His morning run in very difficult conditions set a time that was good enough to hold onto the class position. The morning run also qualified Lee for the first of the two Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship Tops Twelve run offs.

Trevor Willis qualified for both run offs with his highest position being second in the afternoon run off. A poor tyre choice in run off one cost Trevor a top 3 finishing position.

Date: 5/06/2011 | Author: L.Owen