Wet , Wet, Wet .......

Continuous torential rain fell all day Sunday at Loton Park hillclimb for the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship meeting, leading to a mix of cars qualifying for both of the championship run offs.

Trevor Willis failed to qualify his OMS 25 V8 for both of the rounds, having an off at Logger Heads on the first class run & just missing the cut on the second class runs.

Tim Wilson qualified his OMS 25 for the second run off with a class time that placed him in a points scoring class position in the Shell Race Fuels Leaders Hillclimb Championship.

Congratulations to OMS drivers Jackie & Ricky Le Cheminant on the announcement of their expected  baby. Jackie is taking a season out from driving, however Ricky was competing at Loton Park this weekend.

Unfortunately this is a brief news report, unlike the day which seemed to go on forever in view of the dreadful conditions. Hopefully the next championship round will bring sunnier times.

Date: 12/06/2011 | Author: L.Owen