Telephone Man

Our man on the ground Tim Wilson, was the only link we had with events at Craigantlet this afternoon for rounds 23 and 24 of the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championbship. The live timing link never materialised, so Tim relayed qualifying positions, run off times & results via text messaging & email.

The heavy rain forecast for Northern Ireland didn't trouble the venue, there were some rain showers but nothing too serious. A small entry of British contenders made the journey to Belfast for this fast road event, in order to secure vital championship points. In the absence of published results, here are the unofficial run off times & finish positions from our 'Telephone Man'.

Craigantlet 6th August 2011

Run Off 1

Roger Moran 40.39       
Trevor Willis 40.43       
Wallace Menzies 40.80        
Tom New 41.24        
Scott Moran 41.85       
Chris Merrick 42.14       
Lee Adams 42.92        
Will Hall 43.02       
Richard Spedding 44.50        
Nicola Menzies 49.00       
Peter Herbert 68.54       
Seamus Morris non starter  

Run Off 2

Roger Moran 40.00
Wallace Menzies 40.45
Scott Moran 40.54
Trevor Willis 41.02
Tom New 41.92
Chris Merrick 42.13
Will Hall 42.51
Lee Adams 42.72
Richard Spedding 44.26
Dave Uren 47.29
Nicola Menzies 48.63
Peter Herbert 50.89

Date: 6/08/2011 | Author: L.Owen