Que Sera, Sera

The Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship & Leaders Hillclimb Championship moved to the picturesque setting of Prescott Hillclimb home of the Bugatti Owners' club in Gloucester, for rounds 29 & 30 of the British Championship at the weekend.

Changeable weather on the day of the competition made for exciting qualifying and run off drives. The morning timed runs were on a wet track but conditions improved all the time. At the start of the first Top 12 Run Off it was damp under the trees from Pardon Corner to The Esses. On the fastest part of the track between the start & Pardon Corner the conditions were reasonably good and a dry line was forming.

Half way into the run off it began to lightly rain & dampen the track, this impacted on runs for those who had qualified at mid point. The rain was only brief & the sun soon came out again, producing conditions comparable to the start of the run off & this showed in the times being set & the overall finishing positions.

The weather improved significantly for the afternoon competition runs and all drivers were able to take class runs in dry warm conditions. Clive Austin scored a Leaders Championship point having finished 6th in the 1100cc racing car class. Steve Owen also finished 6th with a sub 40 second time of 39.57 seconds and scored a Leaders point in the 1600cc racing car class. The pace in this class was good enough to deliver 4 cars into the Top 12 Run Off.

OMS 25 driver Neville Rollason had a tremendous day in Saturday's practice setting personal fastest times on two of his practice runs. He only took one timed run on the Sunday but it was good enough to lower his PB even further. Lee Griffiths also set a PB time on a low 40 second run on only his second visit to the venue in the new OMS 25. Surely both drivers will be in the 39's next season at this rate of improvement.

Trevor Willis had a mixed day. The British Championship is drawing to its conclusion with Trevor sitting in 3rd position overall behind Roger Moran with a 13 point differential. As we are now in the drop score phase, it is far more difficult to say whether Trevor will seize 2nd place in the Championship from Roger. Trevor drove the wheels off the OMS 25 V8 giving it all he had and only time will tell regarding the championship - Whatever Will be, Will be.

Date: 5/09/2011 | Author: L.Owen