Park Life

The unique setting of Loton Park Hillclimb in Shropshire, a deer park owned by Sir Michael Leighton, was the venue for the final two club meetings of the year for the Hagley Car Club.

On the Saturday despite a poor weather forecast, conditions stayed dry for the whole of the meeting. OMS 25 driver Neville Rollason continued his winning form at the venue taking the 1600 racing car class & FTD with a time of 49.19 seconds. Richard Summers finished in 2nd place behind Neville, driving the ex Peter Whitmore Honda Blackbird OMS 1100CF. Lindsay Summers has been sharing the OMS with her husband Richard this season and she set a personal best time for the venue in this car.

In the 1100 racing car class Simon Andrews finished 2nd and Clive Austin 3rd, both drivers competing in OMS 2000M single seaters.

Being a double header weekend, Sundays competition was a seperate meeting. The 1600cc racing car class saw OMS 2000M drivers Keith & Chris Green on good form, Keith finished 4th and Chris 2nd overall in the class. Richard & Lindsay Summers continued with their previous days good performance, Richard split the father and son Greens to take 3rd in class and Lindsay lowered her personal best time still further. The class was won by Neville Rollason with an identical time to his previous days winning time of 49.19 seconds. Unfortunately it was only good enough for second FTD today, with Neville being beaten by a competitor in an unlimited capacity single seater.


Date: 11/09/2011 | Author: L.Owen