18 with a Bullet

Whilst making the journey to Doune on the M18, the VW camper owned by Trevor Willis fired a warning shot that it is probably time for them to go their seperate ways.

The vehicle ground to a halt on the hard shoulder of the motorway early on Friday afternoon, just outside Doncaster & the RAC were called to the rescue. Whilst waiting for them to arrive, Trevor called Steve to brief him on the situation, initiating a chain of calls to develop a contingency plan should the vehicle be irrepairable.

However once Trevor had explained to the RAC repairman that he was heading to Scotland for a race meeting, every effort was made to resolve the problem. Parts were found & the repair completed by 6.00pm all barring timing the fuel metering unit,  this was something the RAC team were not equiped to complete. Unable to start the vehicle, Trevor & VW with race car trailer would have to be recovered to his choice of destination ..... Doune Hillclimb in Scotland of course.

By this time an accident had occured further north on the A1M, the entire area was grid locked with up to 20 mile traffic queues, this was going to be a long journey. When they eventually reached Doune it was 2.00am, just enough time to snatch 5 hours sleep before practice commenced for rounds 31 and 32 of the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship.

Once at the meeting fellow competitors Roger Moran & Keith Edwards were able to complete the repair & by the lunchbreak on Saturday the VW camper was once more running much to Trevors's relief, he & Steve had not developed a plan for his return home to Aylesbury.

Many thanks to Roger & Keith for completing the repair and to the RAC team who went the extra mile to ensure Trevor arrived at Doune.

Date: 19/09/2011 | Author: L.Owen