It Should Have been Me

Andy McBeath was 9/100ths of a second away from FTD in the supercharged OMS 25 at Prescott Hillclimb on Saturday. His time of 41.89 seconds was a personal best time for Andy in the new car.

The Gloucestershire hill was bathed in unseasonal sunshine and with temperatures higher than have been seen for most of the summer. Other OMS drivers enjoying the day were Clive Austin and Tina Hawkes. Clive knocked 1.25 seconds off his personal best time in the 1100 OMS 2000M finishing on 43.41 and pipped Tina for class position.

Lindsay and Richard Summers swapped their OMS 1100C for their Austin Healey 100, with Richard finishing 4th in class.

If only the weather had been like this during the season, it would have been a great season.

Date: 2/10/2011 | Author: L.Owen