Time After Time ...

The records fell at Loton Park hillclimb over the weekend at the first visit of the 2012 Avon Tyres MSA British Hillclimb Championship and TTC Group MSA Leaders Hillclimb Championship.

The crowds were stunned at the times being set. At the start of the event Scott Moran's Hill Record stood at 44.32 seconds, but this was to be shattered as the event progressed. To everyone's amazement the 1600cc Raptor pilots Lee Adams & Jos Goodyear were both comfortably running in the 45 and 44 second bracket. Their performance culminated in a Hill Record breaking time of 43.82 seconds in Run Off 2 by Jos that was reset moments later by Scott Moran in the big 3.5 litre Gould with a staggering time of 43.52 seconds, eight tenths within the record at the start of the meeting. The intake of breath by the crowd was audible as both drivers leapt into the 43's, the first time ever at the venue that a sub 44 second run has been seen.

So fast was the pace that to qualify for the Avon Tyres MSA British Hillclimb Championship run offs, drivers needed a class time of 46 seconds or less to be in with a chance of claiming one of the coveted 12 places in each run off. The only cars to qualify came from the unlimited single seater class and the 1600cc class, with the exception of Alex Summers 2 litre car that made the cut in run off 1. Scott Moran broke the Class L and Hill Record in his first class run with a time of 44.26 seconds just to qualify.

Conditions at the Shropshire Hill were ideal for the drivers who had two days of dry conditions & warm temperatures. Many OMS drivers set personal best times as well as putting in excellent class performances.

OMS constructor Steve Owen found his form in the 1600cc OMS 25 with a personal best time of 46.72 seconds to take 3rd in class behind Jos Goodyear & Lee Adams and qualify for the second run off, in which he scored his first points of the year in the Avon Tyres MSA British Hillclimb Championship.

Fellow OMS 25 driver Neville Rollason was also on a roll following his tremendous drive at Shelsley Walsh last weekend. He too set a new personal best time of 47.71 seconds to finish in the top six in class and snatch a point in the TTC Group MSA Leaders Hillclimb Championship.

Trevor Willis struggled with the compound of his new front tyres both at Shelsley Walsh and in practice at Loton Park. Following discussion with Steve he made changes that resulted in a return to form with Trevor finishing 2nd in Class L on 44.68 seconds and qualifying for both run offs. In Run Off 2 he too ran under the Hill Record along with Jos and Scott, setting a personal best time of 44.17 seconds. All three drivers scored an additional championship point for scoring times under the hill record at the start of the meeting.

Class I single seaters up to 1100cc saw an OMS 1, 2, 3 with Simon Andrews (2000M) in the lead from 2nd place Richard Summers (CF 1100) and 3rd place Clive Austin (2000M). The Hagley Members classes saw Glyn Poole take Class 1 in his 2000M. Class 2 winner Paul Jarrett (2000M) slipped under the 50 second barrier with a splendid 49.84 followed by Glyn Davies in his CF04 in second position.

Mark Goodyear gave the Dave Oldridge 600cc Hornet another outing at Loton Park following its recent visit in May in the hands of Steve Owen and former British Hillclimb Champion Ray Rowan. Unfortunately Mark was the only competitor in Class H, but his time of 53.96 was very competitive for this class.

Class K single seaters up to 2 litre saw the first visit to Loton Park of the OMS CF09 of Ian Fidoe and his co-driver Tim Elmer. Following gear box problems at Shelsley Walsh, the car ran better at Loton with Tim having the upper hand and taking 8th in class ahead of Ian, but behind fellow CF04 driver Geoff Guille in the newly liveried OMS who finished 7th in class.

Thanks go to the Clerk of The Course and her team, the Hagley Club, to all the marshalls & the recovery unit for a splendid meeting . What a meeting and one that will surely be remembered for the exceptional drives seen today.

Click here and follow the link to see all the results from the meeting.

Date: 10/06/2012 | Author: L.Owen