Historic OMS Changes Hands

Serial OMS owner Dave Oldridge has recently acquired chassis number 3. Dating from 1986 it was originally campaigned by Andrew Jackson and has since then been owned for many years by Ian Cruickshanks. Built originally as a 500 and fitted with a Suzuki GT500 two-stroke, it was converted to Honda CBR power with the change of the modern 500cc racing car class break to 600cc (allowing modern 4 stroke engines to be used).


Other early chassis are known to exist: chassis 1 was advertised on eBay a few years ago, and chassis 2 is believed to be in a collection in Athens. Chassis 4 the sister car to chassis 3, has been retained by Lynn & Steve Owen

The OMS marque has grown massively from these simple early cars and Steve is currently completing chassis 163. In 2012 Trevor Willis took his first British Hillclimb Champion title in an OMS 25 and OMS Racing their first British Hillclimb Championship constructor title; breaking a 14 year Gould domination of the championship.

Date: 23/12/2012 | Author: L.Owen