All Day and All Of The Night

The 2013 K4GP 24hour Race at Sepang, Malaysia saw the debut of the first of two OMS sports cars that were recently exported to a customer in Singapore. Rhommell Singh and the Team 69 guys that helped him to prepare and run his Honda powered 1000cc sports car for this event, went into the race without any prior lap times. Drivers Wijnand & Erwin said "The car has lots of potential, this was a good try out, the best test environment there is." with Erwin adding "Many thanks for inviting me, I did enjoy myself a lot and would love to have another go".

Initially the team faced some engine temperature cooling problems and then the alternator stopped charging the battery. To finish the 24 hour race the drivers pitted every 5 laps to swap batteries which cost them class places; despite the car lapping 3 seconds a lap faster than the competition.

Following the race, owner Rhommel said "At the end of the day after all the high's & low's our battle scarred OMS chassis & little bike engine made it home in one piece. We managed to finished 13th in class & clocked the fastest lap for the event".

Pictured below are the team along with Rhommell who thanked them all for their efforts & contribution. 

Following the 24 hour race and in recognition of the teams efforts, Mr Sugiyama from K4GP invited them to race again as the first foreign prepared car & team entry at Mount Fuji in Japan.

Congratulatuions to everyone involved with the project and on the first OMS sports car to compete in Asia.

Date: 11/02/2013 | Author: L.Owen & R. Singh