One Step Beyond

Day two of the British Hillclimb Championship foray into the northern reaches of the championship calendar: Harewood Hillclimb in Yorkshire.

Having travelled over the Pennines yesterday evening following a very challenging day at Barbon Manor on the Saturday, Sunday morning dawned overcast and cold. In typical Harewood fashion, rain could be seen moving down the valley & it arrived just as the timed runs commenced. Les Procter slid his OMS SC4 CF sports racing car into the tyre wall on his first timed run, deranging the front suspension and bodywork thus ending his day's competition.

Gary Hill & Steve Owen fared better in their 600cc OMS Hornet duelling for the class win, with Steve coming out on top at his local hill, with a time of 60.03 seconds to take the class win.

Steve in his 600cc OMS Hornet

Photo courtesy of Tim Wilson

Lee Griffiths aboard his revised OMS 25 sporting new side pods & rear bodywork, had a good weekend. Narrowly missing the cut for the first of the Avon Tyres/TTC Group MSA British Hillclimb Championship Top 12 run offs, he made sure that in the drier second class runs he bagged a run off  place with a qualifying time of 56.07 seconds; the time also placed Lee 4th in the 1600cc racing car class. Newcomer to single seaters Paul Martin drove his recently acquired OMS 2000M finishing in the top six of the 1600cc racing car class with a time of 59.45 seconds.

John Chacksfield had his most successful national championship finish at Harewood, winning the class with a time of 54.17 seconds in his 2.0 Ltr OMS CF04, beating the very quick Alex Summers who could only manage a 54.35 second run today.

Trevor Willis the winner of yesterday's meeting at Barbon Manor had a less successful day at Harewood. Qualifying for both Top 12 run offs, he finished 2nd in the morning run off and in the afternoon failed to complete the run. He ran out of track on the approach to Orchard Bend, going one step beyond the edge of the tarmac. After kicking up much dirt the car snapped out of line and spun across the grass, coming to a standstill on the inside of the corner. As is always the case, up to that point he was the fastest driver to every split & it would have been his fastest run of the day.

Nil points for this one Trevor!

Date: 12/05/2013 | Author: L.Owen