A Night to Remember

Whilst fellow competitors and friends were indulging in the delights of Loton Park Hillclimb at the weekend, Lynn & Steve Owen indulged in the delights of an evening spent in the company of a music legend supported by a radio DJ cum author, cum ‘ne'er-do-well’.



Harrogate Theatre was the venue for an evening of badinage, music and mirth courtesy of the legend that is Noddy Holder of the giant 70's rock band Slade, along with his close friend & broadcasting colleague Mark Radcliffe currently of radio channels 6 Music and Radio 2.

Adding to the mix was Madness front man Suggs, who joined the audience to listen to the evening’s delights, whilst heckling & joining in the merriment. Suggs was appearing at the theatre the following evening with his one man show and took the opportunity to watch the last night performance by the highly entertaining duo.

Having previously been at a live performance  a number of years ago by ‘two hit wonder’ John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett;  Lynn accepted a kiss from Wild Willy that resulted in her passing on to Steve, a particularly nasty flu virus she caught from Willy Barrett. Having learnt her lesson, on this occasion Lynn settled for shaking the hand of the great Sir Nod of Holder.

Date: 20/05/2013 | Author: L.Owen