Racer from British Touring Car Championship drives an OMS 25

Current British Touring Car Championship competitor Andrew Jordon came to Gurston Down on Saturday, to sample a selection of cars competing in the Avon Tyres TTC Group MSA British Hillclimb Championship meeting running at the weekend.

A newcomer to hill climbing and Gurston Down, Andrew took his first runs in a car familiar to him; the 4 wheel drive, 2 litre turbo Ford Puma owned and driven by Mike Manning, whom Andrew has competed against in the past in a similar car.

He then moved to single seater racing cars, a discipline that is new to Andrew. Starting with the 1100cc Empire of Simon Fidoe, he cautiously set off from the start line; very aware that all three cars he was driving were potential class winners the following day and would need to be returned to the paddock in the same condition as when they set off.

His final stead of the afternoon was the 1600cc OMS 25 of James Blackmore. Andrew had spectated during the practice session and was impressed by the speed of the fastest unlimited capacity single seaters some reaching speeds of 152 mph at the finish, on what he referred to as 'a cart track' The top speed of the OMS 25 in James' hands at Gurston is 119 mph when he crosses the finish line.


Andrew Jordon leaving the start line in the 1600cc OMS 25


Andrew Jordon seemed to enjoy his runs in the OMS 25 judging by his broad smile


OMS 25 owner James Blackmore with (from left to right)

Simon Fidoe, Andrew Jordon and Mike Manning.

Date: 27/05/2013 | Author: L.Owen