Down Yonder

BARC South Western Centre ran a further round of the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Championship on 23rd June 2013. The usual South Western OMS suspects were competing barring James Blackmore who, for some reason best known only to him, was a 'no show'.

Racing cars up to 1100cc saw Calum Kemp in the OMS PR take the win from fellow OMS driver James Moore in his 2000M and Roger Biggs 3rd in the OMS Hornet.Steve Loadsman in his OMS RA had a failed first timed run that side lined him for the meeting.

Ian Tucker was out in his OMS CF06 finishing 4th in class, for racing cars up to 1600cc whilst Andy McBeath travelled from his new location in Lincolnshire to take the class win in racing cars up to 2000cc.

Date: 26/06/2013 | Author: L.Owen