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 Saturday 26th July 2014

Alford 13 July

John and his father Roy Munro had a successful meeting at Alford in their 1000cc OMS 2000M. John once again took a class win, this time from Roy who finished in second place. Third in class went to Andrew Grover in his 1000cc OMS Hornet from Paul Rhodes who finished fourth in class with his 1000cc Hornet.

Sandy Donaldson won the 1600cc racing car class with his Honda Blackbird engined OMS P/R: the ex- Steve Owen car.

Fastest Time of Day once again went to the young John Munro with his class winning time of 49.03 seconds.


Loton Park 12th July

Hagley and District Car Club hosted two rounds of the Hagley Members Championship at Loton Park in Shropshire. The two, one day meetings ran over the weekend of 12th and 13th July.

The OMS 28 duo Simon Andrews and Bernie Kevill, picked up their times where they left off at the June national meeting. The 1100cc racing car class win went to Simon on a 50.91 with Bernie finishing third on 51.66. They sandwiched the Empire Wraith of Clive Austin who ran a 51.46 to take second place from Bernie by just 2/10ths.

Only two cars ran in the 1600cc racing car class: both OMS drivers. John Stockley took the class win in his OMS 2000M with a 51.16 second run from Mark Dalton in his 2000M. This is Mark's first season running in the A licence holder 1600cc racing car class.

The unlimited capacity racing car class winner and Fastest Time of Day went to Jason Mourant with the V8 powered OMS 25 with his time of 50.42 seconds.


Loton Park 13th July

Day two of the Loton Park double header and it was déjà vu for the racing car class results.

The 1100cc racing car class win once again went to Simon Andrews OMS 28 on a 50.65 with co-driver Bernie Kevill also finishing third, just as in the previous day's meeting behind Clive Austin.

The same two OMS cars ran in the 1600cc racing car class. John Stockley again took the class win in his OMS 2000M with an improved time from the previous day of 50.64 seconds from Mark Dalton in his 2000M.

Jason Mourant also improved on his previous day's time to once again win his class and set Fastest Time of Day in the OMS 25 V8 with his 50.07 second run.








Gurston Down 20th  July

The BMTR Tyres Midland Hillclimb Championship travelled to Gurston Down in Wiltshire. This is the only round of the championship that is held at a venue outside of the midland hills triangle of Shelsley Walsh, Loton Park and Prescott.

A number of OMS drivers competed in the racing car classes. Simon Andrews (OMS 28) couldn't quite catch hillclimb returnee and previous class record holder Phil Cooke, who won the 1100cc class on 31.18 from Simon's 31.34 second run. Mark Goodyear placed the 1000cc OMS Hornet third in class with his best time of 31.42 all close stuff at the top of the class.

Fifth and sixth championship scoring class positions were taken by Bernie Kevill (OMS 28) and James Moore (OMS 2000M). Also running in the 1100cc class were the Kemp brothers Euan and Calum share driving their 2000M, Stephen Loadsman in his OMS R/A, Forest Eyles OMS CF1100 and Annie Goodyear share driving with husband Mark.

Peter Hammock ran his OMS in the 1600cc racing car class for B Licence holders and Mike Lee was a non-starter in his 2000M.

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Date: 26/07/2014 | Author: L.Owen