MSA British Sprint Championship - Anglesey

On the weekend of 4th and 5th October the MSA SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship visited Anglesey, North Wales. OMS Racing were represented by Bill Gouldthorpe and Carole Turkington in their shared 1500cc OMS CF08 and the father and son duo of Roy and John Munro on their first visit to Anglesey in their 1100cc OMS 2000M.

Running on the National track on the Saturday, John Munro quickly learned the track and after a gearing change to the 1000cc Suzuki powered machine at lunchtime, was able to win a strong 1100cc class. He also posted a new national track class record of 50.69, a time that gave him 7th fastest overall time of day. This winning time ensured John a place in the record books too when he became the youngest ever driver to qualify for a British Championship run off: at the age of sixteen. John finished 11th in the run off with a time of 50.86 placing him just outside of a point scoring position.

Roy Munro finished 3rd in the 1100cc racing car class. Bill Gouldthorpe prevailed over Carole Turkington in finishing 1st and 2nd in their up to 1600cc racing car class, with his best time run of 55.10 seconds.

Sunday saw the drivers compete on the longer 2.1 mile International track layout which favours the more powerful cars on the long sweeping coastal section. Undaunted by a cold and at times damp track John was again on top form as he knocked 1.5 1seconds off the class record on his way to another class win in 84.53 and more impressively a 4th overall fastest time finish. Once again qualifying for the Top Twelve run off, he bettered his achievements of the previous day by finishing 8th to score his first British Sprint Championship run off points.

Roy took another 3rd in class and 11th in the run offs whilst Bill and Carole maintained positions with a 1st and 2nd class finish.

Date: 26/10/2014 | Author: R.Munro