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April 2015 no.1

Channel Islands

Jersey - Bouley Bay

Easter Monday 6th April was the first meeting on the Jersey MC & LCC 2015 event calendar.

Only a few OMS drivers entered, Richard Twinham and Colin le Galle in their 1100cc OMS 2000M along with Glyn Moignard and Steve Elliott in 1600cc 2000M cars. Glyn had the upper hand in racing cars up to 1600cc class taking the win from Steve by half a second. In racing cars up to 1100cc Richard came out on top with co-driver Colin in second place.

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Guernsey - Les Val des Terres

Just across the water on Guernsey they too were having their first event of the season at Les Val des Terres.


With slightly more OMS drivers on the entry than on Jersey, first to run was sports libre driver Mark le Cras in the 1000cc Wheel Doctor OMS SC1. His best time of 31.70 gave him third in class despite having the smallest capacity car in the class.

Racing cars up to 1100cc saw Alan Preval take second in class in his Auto Repair Centre OMS.

In the 1600cc racing car class Nick Saunders took the win with Justin Smith only 3/10ths behind him in second place Nick made second fastest time of day and Justin third FTD. Having had an engine rebuild during the winter, Justin and Charlie Smith will be pleased with their times. Charlie finished 3rd in class on 31.16 whilst Justin consistently ran in the 29's with his best 29.63 seconds, which bodes well for the season ahead. Other drivers in class were Ali Hamon who improved her times all day and ladies hill record holder Sarah Gaudion. Sadly Sarah's day ended before it began after a first practise  engine failure, but she will be ready for the next round.

Regular competitors in the up to 2000cc racing car class Chris and Geoff Guille, finished in second and fourth respectively: Chris ran consistently in the 29's.

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NSW Australia - Canberra

Round 4 of the NSW Hillclimb Championship took place at Canberra on Sunday 12th April.

Following his wins at Bathurst in the previous rounds, Malcolm Oastler was the favourite to take a win at the Canberra meeting.

The previous week had seen over 2 inches of rain which caused some doubt as to whether the meeting would go ahead. But a beautiful autumn day greeted the competitors and some close fought competition.

Tim Edmondson set the initial pace in his Gould GR55B. But the OMS 28 driver didn't disappoint. Malcolm got into his stride on his second run to set e new outright track record and take the lead.

The Gould driver couldn't stay with Malcolm settling for second place, whilst the OMS driver went on to further lower his own outright record set on the previous run.

Malcolm's finishing time, fastest time of day and new outright hill record was 37.49 seconds.

Malcolm now sits in second place on the championship table, one round down on the leader.

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BARC Yorkshire Centre held their Spring National meeting the first on the championship calendar, on Sunday 12th April.

New OMS 28 owner John Chacksfield shook down the 1300cc supercharged car he took delivery of prior to the March test day at Harewood. Joining him in class was Lee Griffiths, who took a year off whilst his turbo charged 1300 Hayabusa engine was completed. John will have been pleased to take a class win, the first with the new car.

Other OMS drivers included Harewood FTD Champion 2014 Paul Martin, who had to settle for second place in his class. Just ahead of Paul Gibson who was also driving an OMS 2000M.

Jason Mourant made the journey from Jersey with his OMS 25 Powertec V8. He was testing new parts he had fitted to the car over the winter months. His best time of 58.06 left him adrift of class winner Wallace Menzies and second placed Tom New.

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The Scottish Hillclimb Championship held their first rounds of the season at Doune Hillclimb: 'The King of the Hills'.

The two single day meetings on 18th & 19th April attracted a number of OMS driver entries.

Richard Matossian in his OMS SC1 driving in the sports libre class took the class win on both days.

Racing cars up to 1100cc fielded three OMS cars. Colin Graham in an OMS PR found over a second improvement on Sunday's timed runs, snatching sixth place in class. Mark Scoular had finished in fourth place on the Saturday and despite an improvement in time at Sunday's meeting of nearly a second, he finished fifth in the class. Fergus Duncan was third on Saturday and he too found an extra second on Sunday which moved him up a place to second in class.

John McKenzie finished third in class on both days. Though his considerably improved Sunday time of 40.52 in the 1600cc OMS 2000M left him a whisper behind Jonathan Rarity who won the class on 40.48 seconds.

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Gurston Down

BARC South West Centre held the first round of the Gurston Down Speed Championship and hosted the SBD and HSA Speed Championships on the weekend of 18th and 19th April.

Only a few OMS drivers were at Saturday's meeting. In the 1100cc racing car class were James Moore with his OMS 2000M and Steve Loadsman with his OMS RA. 1600cc racer Pete Hammock shook down his car following winter work setting a best time of 32.23 seconds. At the end of the meeting Pete was in 5th place and James 9th overall in the SBD and HSA Speed Championships.

Sunday's event was the first round of the Gurston Down Championship and Top Ten Challenge. Gurston regulars Calum and Euan Kemp with their OMS PR along with new OMS CF96 owners Murray Wakeham and Alan Joy, joined James Moore and Steve Loadsman in the 1100cc racing car class. Calum had the upper hand all day and tied up a class win with a time of 32.71 seconds.

The 1600cc class included a number of Gurston hot shoes who regularly compete at British Hillclimb events. The less experienced Pete Hammock slipped to fifth in class, setting a respectable time of 32.38 and ninth fastest overall at the meeting.

Calum Kemp rounded off the fastest top ten drivers with his time of 32.71 seconds.

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Loton Park

The Hagley & District Loton Park Hill Climb Championship 2015 kicked off with two one day events on the 18th and 19th April.

On Saturday the 2014 Loton Park FTD Champion Simon Andrews led through practise and then a gear shifter problem on his first timed run left him back in sixth place in the class. Co-driver Bernie Kevill held up the OMS honours taking third in class with a 51.44 second and only timed run of the day.

Simon had a much better event on the Sunday finishing in the top spot with an excellent timed run of 49.98. Bernie was again third in class, a little slower than the previous day on 51.92 seconds.

1600cc racers John Stockley and Mark Dalton, both in OMS 2000M cars finished second and third in class respectively on the Saturday. On the Sunday Mark finished second in class.

Jerseyman Jason Mourant had recently been to the Loton Park test day. It certainly paid off as Jason posted two 49 second runs to take second in class at Saturday's event. On the Sunday he posted his first 48 second run with the car to finish in second place once more.

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Date: 18/04/2015 | Author: L.Owen