Long May You Run

With his passion for motorbikes having been further kindled by the recent acquisition of a 70 year old 250cc Moto Guzzi Airone Corsa, Steve Owen took on a new competition challenge at the first Prescott Hill Climb event of 2015.

Having gained an ACU national hill climb licence, joined the National Hill Climb Association and entered their classic motorbike championship, Steve Owen relinquished his usual OMS 28 racing car to compete for the first time on two wheels at Prescott.

The purpose of this endeavour was simple: pure enjoyment. Having driven racing cars at hillclimbs for 30 years, Steve took on this new challenge with some trepidation. Having an incident on four wheels is one thing, but on two it is more of a concern.

Fully kitted out in race leathers he rode the Guzzi through the paddock unnoticed by many of the regular hillclimbers.

In the paddock: photo G. Hill

The bike started up first time using a set of rollers - no kick start on this race machinery. She sounded and looked glorious in the spring sunshine. This was the first time the Guzzi had run in anger since leaving her home in Italy, some six months previously.

There were a great many unknowns - would she run, be reliable, finish the run, etc. However all concerns were soon dispelled after the first climb. Steve reappeared in the paddock with a huge grin on his face, clearly he had enjoyed the run: Moto Guzzi long may you run.

Subsequent practice and the timed runs all increased Steve's enjoyment which was shared by those who ventured  into the remote paddock J to chat with Steve and his fellow riders, viewing the Guzzi and the fine collection of other motorcycles at Saturdays' event.

Steve Owen Moto Guzzi Airone Corsa: photo G. Hill

Follow this link to view Steve running the hill or to see run times click here.

Having experienced hill climbing on two wheels at first hand it represents a very cost effective alternative to the car scene, with all the speed and action you could wish for, a day to remember. Many thanks to the NHCA and those who assisted Steve with the challenge of two wheel hill climbing.

For more information about the NHCA or details of how to get started in motorcycle hill climb events click here.

Start line assembly: photo G. Hill

Date: 27/04/2015 | Author: L.Owen