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July 2015 no.1

Gurston Down Hillclimb

The annual Midsummer Speed Fest held by BARC South West centre took place on the weekend of 20th and 21st June. The event included rounds 2 and 3 of the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship and BARC (SW) Top Ten Challenge.

Many OMS driver/car combinations competed over the weekend, across all the single seater racing car classes.

1100cc racers included James Moore (OMS 2000M), Calum Kemp (OMS PR), Stephen Loadsman (OMS RA) and new OMS owners Murray Wakeham and Alan Joy who are share driving the ex-Summers Family OMS CF96.

In the 1600cc class Neal Coles and Ian Tucker represented the OMS marque with their CF04 and CF07 models.

Only one OMS driver ran in the 2000cc class Andy McBeath with his supercharged OMS 25.

Jason Mourant was the only OMS driver in the unlimited capacity class with his OMS 25 V8. With his best time of 28.30s Jason took the class win and set Fastest Time of Day.

Six OMS drivers finished in the top twenty fastest times out of a 126 strong driver entry.

Sunday's meeting also included Roger Biggs and Arthur De Meyer with their 1000cc OMS Hornet.

Jason had problems on his first timed run, electing not to run in the afternoon. Andy McBeath scooped third FTD with his best time 29.73s along with a class win.

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Prescott Hillclimb

The BMTR Midland Hill Climb Championship and TTC Group Top Ten Challenge visited Prescott Hill Climb on 28th June for the second of three events in the championships that are held at the Gloucestershire venue.

Following April's meeting when new noise restrictions were implemented, the noise limit at Prescott has been reviewed: resulting in far fewer cars having their times disqualified.

Conditions were variable across the weekend with some classes having rain showers on the Sunday afternoon, totally ruining any chance for improvement on their morning run times.

Simon Andrews and Bernie Kevill seemed unable to keep up with the leading pack in the 1100cc racing car division, who were all putting in 40 second climbs. They both had to settle for 5th and 6th place in class with 41.37 and 41.67s respectively.

Ian and James Wilson (OMS PR) and Forrest Eyles (OMS CF97) completed the OMS contingent in the fiercely competitive 1100cc racing car class.

Mike Lee had the 1600cc racing car class lead at the lunch break with his 51.06s climb in the morning's damp conditions. In the afternoon he couldn't match the pace of Kelvin Broad who took the class win from Mike who finished in second place.

Lee Griffiths took a class win in the 2 litre forced induction class, much to his delight. His time of 46.34s was more than three seconds ahead of second placed Simon Moyse in the Gould GR59. Andy McBeath had a less pleasing weekend. Following a wet first timed run, he had the wiring to the dash short out and blow a fuse on the approach to Ettores bend, resulting in a failed run.

Trevor Willis accepted an offer of a share drive with Will Hall following his Doune off. The OMS 28 V8 wasn't repaired in time for Prescott. The pair both managed to stall on the line and then break a drive shaft a piece during the Saturday practice runs. On the Sunday they managed to get their act together and took a class one two, with Willis the fastest of the pairing.

Both drivers qualified for the first of the Top 10 Run Offs, but Will had a failed run leaving Trevor to take the first run off win on 44.86s.

The tables were turned in the afternoon run off. Trevor was fastest qualifier but switched the engine off on his approach to Pardon bend, concerned about a noise from the engine. Will put in a storming run to take the second run off win and set FTD.

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Reservoir Speed Event  Guernsey

Guernsey Kart and Motor Club hosted the Black Horse Offshore Finance Reservoir Speed event on 27th June.

Sarah Gaudion finished third in class with her 1600cc Hayabusa powered OMS CF08. Whist regular 1600cc racing car class competitor and OMS 25 driver Charlie Smith dusted the cobwebs off his Pilbeam sports racer for the event.

Ricky Le Cheminant took an 1100cc class win in the La Villette Garage OMS PR.

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Cultra Hillclimb Northern Ireland

Brothers Chris and Russell Houston share drove their OMS CF04 at Cultra on 13th June.

Chris took a class win with his best time of 31.93s with Russell's best time of 33.60s placing him fourth in this mixed capacity racing car class.

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MGCC Stowe Sprint

Silverstone Stowe Sprint organisers MG Car Club ran the June meeting.

Only two OMS drivers were competing at the meeting Malcolm Boorman and Steve Boother, both running OMS 2000M cars. The former in the 1600cc class split and the latter the 1100cc class.

Malcolm took 2nd FTD with his best timed run 49.41s and Steve's 51.87s placed him fourth fastest overall.

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Pembrey Sprint

BARC Wales held two rounds of the SBD British Sprint Championship at Pembrey on the weekend of 30th and 31st June.

New to hillclimbing in a single seater, Richard Clement placed his 1000cc OMS Hornet fourth in class on the Saturday with his fastest run 108.47s

Bill Gouldthorpe finished first in the 1600cc racing car class in the 1600cc SBD OMS CF08 with co-driver Carole Torkington finishing third. Bill also qualified for both of the SBD Top 12 British Sprint Championship run offs.

On the Sunday Richard and Bill slipped a couple of class positions, though Bill managed to again qualify for the Top 12 run offs. His overall finishing position when both run off times were combined was 9th.

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Date: 2/07/2015 | Author: L.Owen