Wiscombe Park

Rounds 23 and 24 of the Avon Tyres/TCC Group MSA British Hillclimb Championship and round 9 of the Hillclimb Leaders Championship took place at Wiscombe Park in Devon on 25th and 26th July.

The nine OMS drivers competing had mixed fortunes. The good old British weather also played its part in disrupting the event, with some drivers running in dry conditions whilst others had wet runs.

Jason Mourants' OMS 25 gearbox suffered a catastrophic failure causing him to withdraw from the meeting. Ian Tucker (OMS CF07 1400cc) and Neal Coles (OMS CF04 1400cc) only took their practice runs. Geoff Guille (OMS CF04 2.0Ltr) was one of only three runners in class K racing cars up to 2 litre, his best time of 44.62s placed him second in class. Forrest Eyles (OMS CF97 1000cc) and Simon Andrews (OMS 28 1000cc) were the only OMS drivers in class I. Simon was a Wiscombe newcomer and found the track challenging in the changeable conditions. In class J Andrew Short (OMS PR 1200cc) set a best time of 46.87s whilst Mike Lee (OMS 2000M 1600cc) finished 4th overall in the class on 43.15s and qualified for each of the top twelve British Championship run offs.

Perhaps the most contented driver of the day was Trevor Willis (OMS 28 V8). With Wiscombe being one of his favourite hills he was immediately on the pace during Saturday practice. When the track conditions changed on the Sunday he was once again in his element. Trevor's second timed run 39.73s placed him first in class L and as it turned out set fastest time of day. He qualified for both top twelve run offs winning round 23 on 40.50s and in round 24 rain fell during the run off; Trevor astounded all with a superlative effort to finish 2nd on 40.88s only 3/10ths adrift of run off winner Eynon Price 40.53s who had run in the dry.

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Date: 3/08/2015 | Author: L.Owen