50th Carbon Chassis Manufactured

In December 2015 the 50th carbon fibre composite chassis was manufactured by OMS Racing and all have been produced in house by Steve Owen.

OMS 28 composite chassis

The very first all composite chassis purpose built for the hillclimb and sprint scene was made by OMS Racing. Chassis number 34 named CF1100, made its debut at Prescott Hillclimb in September 1994 running a Kawasaki 1100cc engine. The car featured in article published in Racecar Engineering that same year and was campaigned by Steve and Lynn Owen during the 1995 season.

A sister car was built during the winter of 1994/95 which was the car that went on to win the MSA Hillclimb Leaders Championship in the capable hands of Mark Lawrence in 1999; again powered by a Kawasaki 1100cc engine.

Over the past 21 years Steve has amassed a great deal of experience in the design and manufacture of composite chassis, for both single seater and sports cars. Several different models have been manufactured - CF1100, CF04, CF06, CFSC, CF07, CF08, 25, 28 and examples of each can be seen at hillclimb and sprint events in the UK and overseas

The results of OMS composite cars speak for themselves, with drivers winning national championships in the UK and overseas. Our home page lists some of the noteable wins, whilst many other drivers have won club championships, class records and national classes driving one of the various OMS Racing composite cars.

Major championship winners include:-

1999 MSA Hillclimb Leaders Champion Mark Lawrence OMS CF1100cc

2005 MSA Hillclimb Leaders Champion Trevor Willis OMS CF04 2000cc

2012 MSA British Hillclimb Champion Trevor Willis OMS 25 Powertec V8

2014 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Champion Malcolm Oastler OMS 28 1300t

2015 CAMS New South Wales Hillclimb Champion Malcolm Oastler OMS 28 1300t

2015 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Champion Malcolm Oastler OMS 28 1300t




Date: 22/02/2016 | Author: L.Owen