The One and Only

1999 MSA Hill Climb Leaders Champion Mark Lawrence made a welcome return visit to Shelsley Walsh at the weekend. He and his wife Janet came to spectate and catch up with friends who raced at that time.

In his championship winning year, Mark became the first ever driver of an 1100cc racing car to climb Shelsley Walsh in under 30 seconds. Driving the OMS CF1100 car that is now owned by former OMS Hornet driver David Oldridge, Mark was the first of the modern bike engine car drivers to regularly qualify and score British Hillclimb Championship points.

This feat was later repeated by Dave Oldridge driving the 600cc OMS Hornet, when he became the first ever 600cc racing car driver to break the magic 30 second barrier at Shelsley Walsh.

Joining Mark on Saturday were Lynn and Steve Owen, Dave Oldridge, Ian Cruickshanks and Roger Fleetwood; all OMS owner drivers of the 1990's.

Mark Lawrence pushing Lynn Owen OMS 28 BMW1000 to the line

Date: 2/05/2016 | Author: L.Owen