MSA Consultation on Proposed Changes to Our Sport

Further to the discussions that took place in the paddock at Shelsley Walsh over the weekend, please see the email message below sent out by British Hillclimb Championship Co-ordinator Tim Wilson.

The proposed rule changes can be accessed here. If you wish to comment on these proposed changes please email: before 15th June 2016.

Comments made on Uphill Racers do not feed into this consultation process, so please make your views known through those who represent Speed Hill Climbing and Sprinting or directly to the MSA.

To all interested parties:

A number of proposed rule changes have been put out for consultation by the MSA. These can be found on the MSA website or through the attached link. In summary, they include:
-          Rollover protection for racing and sports libre cars
-          Definition of a sports racing car
-          Forced induction equivalence
-          Restrictions on the use of methanol in forced induction engines
-          Providing a basic starter class
The consultation process is designed to allow everyone the opportunity to comment on proposals.  In fact, a lot of consultation took place over the weekend at Shelsley Walsh with representatives from the MSA, the Speed and the Sprint & Hillclimb committees. The latter committees, that consist of volunteers, people closely involved with and passionate about sprinting and hillclimbing, will be discussing these proposals in the next few weeks. I would urge anyone who has a view on the subjects involved to communicate these to the MSA or to any representative of these committees, including myself and Simon Durling, who chairs the Speed Committee. We will also be more than happy to discuss any issues in the paddock at Loton Park at the weekend, 11/12 June 2016.
Please also note that you can request email notification of any future regulation changes via the MSA website.
Please be aware that motorsport is under scrutiny, especially in the wake of the serious incidents in Scottish rallying.  It is therefore important that we are seen to be proactive in making our sport safe, so some change is necessary.  It is equally important that we get these changes right, so that they do improve safety whilst preserving the sport we all enjoy.

Tim Wilson

British Hillclimb Championship Co-ordinator

Date: 7/06/2016 | Author: L.Owen