An Incredible Win For Willis

This years' MSA British Hillclimb Championship event held in Jersey on 14th July, delivered a career best drive by OMS driver Trevor Willis, in his RPE V8 powered OMS 28. Willis won rounds 19 and 20 of the BHC at Bouley Bay Hillclimb, with each climb under the outright hill record. But it was his breath taking climb in round 19 that will not be forgotten for a long time. With other runners dipping under the record, Trevor made history by becoming the first ever driver to climb Bouley Bay in under 37 seconds: his time of 36.48 obliterated the record.


Willis OMS 28 RPE V8: tyre warming before his record breaking run.

Following this incredible performance, The Guernsey Press and Star reported on the Jersey event with the following piece written by Matt Lihou. 

Willis blew the rest 'out of the water'

Guernsey star Darren Warwick has described Trevor Willis' record breaking Bouley bay hillclimb run as one of the finest drives he has ever seen.

The prestigious British hillclimb Championship arrives in Guernsey today and while Scott Moran is expected to be the man to beat, Willis is in a rich vein of form.

He won both rounds in Jersey on Thursday to close the gap on rival Moran at the top of the overall standings with the two fastest times ever recorded up the hill.

The 37.14 second effort at the end of the day that won him round 20 was quick, but it was his spectacular attempt a couple of hours earlier that earned him a standing ovation from his rivals.

As he was preparing in the pits, he witnessed the previous record of 37.79s broken by each of Richard Spedding (37.78), Scott Moran (37.47) and Wallace Menzies (37.39) in succession.

Willis decided to take it one step further, though, by obliterating Menzies' new mark with a staggering 36.48 that left his rivals well in his wake.

It had Guernsey's best driver Warwick purring in admiration at the drive.

'In the hillclimbs I have seen or been involved in, which is about 25 years of driving and another 10 years or so before that watching, that is one of the finest drives I have ever seen' he said.

'Clearly, car technology moves forward year-on-year and it isn't a huge surprise to see these guys get quicker each time, but to blow everyone else out of the water like that is incredible'.

'Everyone else before him was nibbling away a bit at the record and then he just took it to another level by beating everybody by nearly a second'.

The Guernsey Press and Star

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Date: 19/07/2016 | Author: L.Owen