Fast Car

According to the FIA results, Trevor Willis in the OMS 28-RPE was the fastest 2WD vehicle off the start line at Sternberk and fastest car overall to 100m.

OMS 28-RPE on the start line: photo Tim Wilson

Here are the fastest cars and drivers to 25 meters:

  • 1‘’57  4WD Mitsubishi Lancer of Roger Schnellmann 4WD Citroën C4 WRC of Max Beltrami
  • 1‘’58  2WD OMS 28-RPE of Trevor Willis
  • 1‘’61  4WD VW Golf Rallye of Karl Schagerl
  • 1‘’63  4WD Ford Fiesta Evo of Marek Rybnicek

Here are the fastest cars and drivers to 100m:

  • 3‘’62 Trevor Willis's 2WD OMS 28-RPE
  • 3‘’76 Will Hall’s 2WD Force WH XTec-AER Turbo
  • 3‘’81 Karl Schagerl‘s 630hp 4WD Golf.


Trevor was fastest to 100m in four out of his five runs. To view Trevor off the start click here - so fast we had to slow it down!


Date: 13/10/2016 | Author: L.Owen