Again and Again

Malcolm Oastler does it again; yesterday he won the 2016 CAMS Australian Hill Climb Championship. He is now a triple winner of this premier Australian Championship, having won back to back titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with the OMS 28 1300t.

Malcolm in the cockpit of his OMS 28 1300t
(photo GCC Facebook)

Running under the existing outright hill record 44.94s throughout Saturday's timed runs, Malcolm's best run time 44.21s placed him at the top of the leader board going into the final rounds on Sunday.

In the paddock with other cars in the class
(photo GCC Facebook)

Conditions were not as favourable on Sunday and times were slower than the pevious day. Local driver and favourite for the Championship win Brett Hayward, closed the gap that had opened on Saturday between him and Malcolm, running within as little as 1/100th second on two of the four Sunday runs. Brett's fastest climb at the event 44.60s was also under the existing hill record, but he just couldn't quite match the pace of Malcolm.

The Championship winning time was set by Malcolm on his final run on Saturday afternoon 44.21s, setting a new outright hill record and securing his third consecutive CAMS Australian Hill Climb Championship title in the OMS 28.

Congratulations Malcolm!

Malcolm Oastler 2016 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Champion
(photo GCC Facebook)

Date: 31/10/2016 | Author: L.Owen