The Long and Winding Road

You may have already seen on social media that we now have full MSA ROPS approval for the OMS 25. This has been a lengthy process and we appreciate that some owners are finding the wait difficult. 

To help OMS owners to understand what is involved with certificating an individual roll hoop, here is a brief list of the stages each hoop design must pass through before full certification can be achieved.

•    Prepare 3D CAD model of ROPS
•    Prepare 2D drawing
•    Apply to MSA (with drawings) for Approval in Principal
•    Request proposal from Horiba-MIRA to carry out simulation
•    Prepare STEP file of model
•    Place order with MIRA for simulation work
•    Receive report from MIRA
•    Design identification plate and source manufacturer
•    Take photographs of ROPS in position on car
•    Apply to MSA for full approval (including various drawings and photos of structure, simulation results, and details of ID plate)
•    Receive full approval
•    Receive individual certificates
•    Arrange to issue, including maintaining records of chassis and certificate number

We have now contacted each individual OMS 25 owner to notify them that their roll hoop has completed the certification process.

Other car models are going through the above procedure and are at differing stages; once they too are completed we will announce the news on Twitter and Facebook, along with adding information to our website news page.

Date: 6/12/2016 | Author: L.Owen