Single Seater Roll Hoop Regulations: ROPS

You may be aware that for the coming season all single seater roll hoops must either conform to the MSA Blue Book regulations regarding tube size and design, or if this is not the case, then a current MSA ROPS certificate must be held for the hoop.

To this end OMS Racing has now had its standard roll hoops ROPS certified. These ROPS packs are now available to purchase from OMS Racing.

Along with the MSA certificate we supply a unique roll hoop identification label that must be attached to the roll hoop to be fully compliant for MSA governed meetings.

Without the ROPS pack your entry at an event may be refused.

Please note: The OMS racing ROPS pack is only valid for standard roll hoops manufactured by OMS Racing. No alterations are allowed. If in doubt, please send a photo with your application.

To obtain a ROPS pack either email  or phone 01423 325023 for further information. Please include your name, postal address and the chassis number and model of your car in the application.

Please see the previous news item 'The Message' for additional information.

Date: 5/01/2017 | Author: L.Owen