OMS PR Roll Hoop Update

We are pleased to announce that the OMS PR roll hoop now has full MSA ROPS approval.

The approval though is for the standard roll hoop with a single 11/4" OD rear stay. It is worth checking which stay you have, as two diameters were used during the time of manufacture.

If your rear stay is 11/4" OD and the roll hoop is standard, you only require a ROPS pack, the cost of which is £96.00 inc. vat at 20%.

If your car has the smaller diameter 1 inch tube rear stay, then return the stay intact and we will send the necessary 11/4" rear stay. Do not cut the stay up as we need it whole to place on the jig prior to making a replacement. As the stay has to be certified it must either be the original 11/4" OD stay or a replacement supplied by OMS Racing.

This should be a straightforward upgrade; we will shortly have the rear stays available for purchase. The cost for a rear stay and ROPS pack is £165.00 inc. vat at 20%. Please note the rear stay must be 11/4" OD for the certificate to be valid.

Note: if your roll hoop has been altered from the original factory specification then the certification will not be valid; please contact us to discuss if you haven't already done so.

As you can imagine this is creating a high workload. To ensure we deal effectively with this please contact us initially by email: advising which of the two options you require and state your name, address and chassis number in all correspondence. Please note your chassis number is important as it forms part of the unique certification number you will be allocated. We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

Date: 11/01/2017 | Author: L.Owen