My Oh My

What a weekend for OMS Racing as the MSA British Hillclimb and Hillclimb Leaders Championships visited Gurston Down over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Drivers and organisers alike were pre-occupied with the anticipated torrential rain and thunderstorms that had been forecast for over the weekend; particularly those on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately only a short, light rain shower on Sunday afternoon materialised leaving some drivers' runs affected but in the main, most second timed runs and the BHC run off were in dry conditions.

The ever expanding band of 1100cc racing car drivers were once again the largest class at the meeting: 27 entries in total. And competition was fast and furious from the off during Saturday's practice, following an initial damp first run all subsequent practice was dry.

Drivers picked up where they left off on Sunday's timed runs. OMS 2000M driver Harry Pick took first blood in the morning class runs of the MSA Hillclimb Leaders Championship on a 30.02 second climb. Sitting behind Harry was Simon Fidoe 30.14s in second place and Steve Owen third in the OMS 28 on a 30.38s. In the afternoon Simon's 30.11s climb sneaked ahead of Harry on 30.13s with Steve retaining third in the Leaders Championship runs on 30.24 seconds. But Harry's morning run time of 30.02s took the outright class win with Steve finishing in third place and fellow OMS 28 driver Simon Andrews rounding out the top six with his best run time of 30.53s.

Harry, Steve and Simon: photo D Oldridge

A gaggle of OMS CF drivers were having their own battle within the 1600cc racing car class. Peter Hammock 30.13s edged out Neal Coles 30.37s with OMS newcomer Andrew Forsyth in the ex-Chris Houston CF04 and Ian Tucker close behind them.

Peter Hammock OMS CF04 rounding Ashes bend: photo T Wilson

Trish Davis had her best result with the 2 litre OMS CF09 TKD she shares with husband Terry. Her morning run time 31.17s placed her second overall in class, ahead of Terry in third on 31.47 seconds.

Trish Davis OMS CF09 TKD: photo T Wilson

2016 Harewood FTD Champion John Chacksfield made his first visit to Gurston with his supercharged OMS 28. He lowered his times with each run, but an over enthusiastic approach into The Karousel on the last timed run saw John travel some distance up the escape road to record a failed run. Speaking with him after the meeting he said "There is definitely unfinished business and I shall be coming back."

Running in class with John were Andy McBeath and Lee Griffiths, both driving OMS 25's. Andy won the BARC South West Centre Award with his best run time 29.80 seconds, whilst Lee had a chain failure that retired him from the meeting.

Andy McBeath OMS 25 1300s: photo T Wilson

British Hillclimb Championship leader Trevor Willis was on stunning form yet again. Winning round 7 and just losing out to reigning Hillclimb Champion Scott Moran in round 8, Trevor strengthened his grip on the top spot of the 2017 British Hillclimb Championship. His round 7 winning time of 26.22s also won Trevor the FTD award.

Trevor Willis OMS 28 RPE: photo T Wilson

My oh my what a great weekend for OMS Racing. For details of the current MSA British Hillclimb and Hillclimb Leaders Championship tables click here and for final results click here.

Date: 29/05/2017 | Author: L.Owen