OMS Racing has amassed considerable experience in the use of carbon fibre composite materials. The OMS 1100 CF was the first fully carbon fibre composite chassis built solely for the purpose of competing in speed events. Designed and manufactured in house by OMS, on its debut in 1994 the car provoked much interest.

During the intervening years the use of composites has become commonplace for cars in the sport today. A diverse range of components are now manufactured from carbon fibre and OMS Racing continues to utilise the material in the manufacture of its cars and ancillaries. All our carbon fibre composite chassis and ancillary parts are manufactured in house.

Our facilities include

  • An air conditioned composite clean room
  • A GRP room
  • Autoclave
  • Trimming and dust extraction facility
  • 2 freezers maintained at ¯18º for storage of pre preg materials
  • 2 curing ovens
  • Associated pre preg equipment

In addition to the carbon fibre composite products, we also manufacture in house all GRP components for OMS cars past and present, including all of the moulds. We stock GRP spares for current models and are able to manufacture bodywork for all previous models of OMS cars, due to our extensive archive of moulds.

We are able to repair or fabricate new bodywork, manufacture patterns and moulds (dependent on intellectual rights), for other makes of racing cars and motorsport disciplines. Upgrades and modifications a speciality.

If you would like to discuss your carbon fibre or GRP requirements please contact us via the contact page.